Grand Knight’s Desk

Brother Knights

August 7 ,2016

We had a “spectacular ” first step to a good church drive. Thanks to our faithful members we have ~ 10 new prospects to contact. With a bit of luck and some good recruiting we will develop this into at least 4-5 new members.

Don’t forget to call John Collins, Bob Craig or Greg Kraft with your reservations for our Snapper game this Thursday evening.

Anyone who has been a KC member or who listened to Father Rob’s comments this morning, understands that as KCs, we have the responsibility and desire to help shape men’s lives and help support us in all of our trials. I can think of no better way to display and practice this then to help with the Gifts Shelter when it is once again hosted at St. Mary’s.  Please consider spending an evening (overnight) with these men at the Nativity House during the week of Aug. 21–28. Please contact Dave Ellis or Greg Kraft to help in this effort.


Grand Knight Greg Kraft


If unsure when your working, please click link below!

2016_tootsie_roll_schedule as of April 20 2016


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